Company Profile

Company Profile

Executive Summary

CRI is an ICT and consultancy services company based in Athens, Greece. CRI will help a business improve its digital infrastructure, utilize new technologies in consumer communication and adopt the appropriate innovative tools in order to effectively step-up its Direct Marketing activation. The company is delivering high-quality services and IT expertise to big enterprises and Service providers.
CRI designs, develops, delivers and supports software ICT products and services covering:

  • Multimedia & Value Added Services Solutions
  • Next Generation Networking
  • Operation Support Systems and Information Technology Solutions
  • Content Services
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Information & Network Security
  • Management Consultancy

Corporate Philosophy Vision and Values

We have already achieved and maintain our reputation by employing intelligent and energetic people committed to our values: integrity and honesty, accountability, excellence, community and diversity. CRI is a people's company with a blended culture – distinctive, creative, progressive and professional.

We preserve a high level of business ethics characterised by integrity and honesty in all our business actions.
CRI commits to:

  • Ethical business practices
  • Transparency
  • High quality services
  • Environmentally friendly' policy
  • Anticipation of customer needs

Human Capital

CRI currently employs highly experienced individuals, with extensive technology knowledge in the targeted areas, unique combination of specializations and certifications, as well as extensive market acknowledgement.


CRI is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Quality standards are especially important to every step of the business chain.Working with recognised quality standards helps us meeting customer expectations and ensures a benchmark for our product or service.

Environmental Policy

As a responsible corporate entity, CRI is committed to protecti the environment in compliance with the environmental laws and the practices of the communities where it operates.

CRI tries not to have a negative impact on the environment and in parallel to raise awareness of its employees and moreover of its partners and customers, on acting more responsibly on the issue of environmental protection.

Direct Marketing Tools & Services


  • Will help a company boost its sales by utilizing new technologies and adopting the right tools and messages in an effective direct communication with its customers.
  • Will provide the analytics of the customer database to understand better customer behavior and get valuable insights.
  • Will develop a plan using direct communication channels tailored to the needs of the specific business.

Products & Services

CRI has initiated own development for innovative products in the areas of:

  • Supplementary Security Tools
  • Value Added Services mediation platforms
  • Tailor made Applications in the areas of Messaging and Self Care

Consultancy Services

The company draws from its involvement in delivering operational services on a daily basis to large international institutions and organisations.
Typical consultancy projects to date have been:

  • Change management and organisational initiatives
  • Technology development strategies
  • Business process reengineering projects
  • Business and quality audits/reviews
  • ITIL and project management implementation initiatives

Telecom Solutions

At CRI, we combine our leading-edge Platform with strategic synergies with our partners, and have managed to shape a significant presence in the following areas:

  • messaging
  • self care
  • marketing & advertising
  • voice & video
  • customer experience management
  • mobile banking
  • billing

Security Solutions

CRI Information security solutions respond to the requirements of every stage of the information security process:

  • CRI Security solutions for dynamic demand
  • Information security — a business requirement

Outsourcing Services

CRI undertakes delivery of outsourcing and/or managed services for its clients and include support of IT and telecom systems and applications in production.